TAMARA Laboratory (U1001 INSERM & Paris Descartes)

The TAMARA laboratory is composed of three research teams and was created in January 2010 as a successor of the INSERM Laboratory 571. The leaders of three teams: Ivan MATIC, Miroslav RADMAN and François TADDEI, have 20 years of scientific life in common, which allowed them to learn how to maximize the benefit from the synergy of their individual competences.

In the past, their research was mainly concentrated on the study of molecular mechanisms that maintain genetic stability. This laboratory remains among the leaders in this field of scientific research at the international level. Many of their prior scientific contributions have been included in science textbooks. Today, the projects of the laboratory concern a variety of evolutionary strategies for coping with adversity and uncertainty. Environments are heterogeneous in many dimensions; temporally and spatially, due to variations in the abiotic and biotic factors. Organisms possess an enormous variety of strategies to cope with environmental changes, which can be categorized in four major categories: stability, robustness, phenotypic and genetic variation. This laboratory is studying molecular mechanisms that contribute to all four strategies, which can be grouped around four interlinked axes: (i) Molecular mechanisms of robustness, (ii) Phenotypic and genetic adaptive variation, (iii) Systems approach to individual differences in longevity, and (iv) Host-pathogen interactions. They are expanding the scope of their research beyond the study of the mean effects at the population level, towards the study of polymorphism at the level of individual cells and organisms. Furthermore, in addition to the study of the activity of the individual molecular components, they also study their interactions, thus creating a systemic approach that requires an appropriate and quantitative description of cells and organisms.

Thanks to the presence of specialists from different disciplines, this laboratory is developing both the experimental and theoretical methods required for conducting such studies.

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