Transition post-doc Who Am I? 2018

  • Characterization of the mechanism of action of the conserved helicase Sen1 in non-coding transcription termination 

Team: Libri (IJM)
Post-doctoral fellow: Zong HAN (12 months, September 2017-2018)
Who Am I? research axes: 1-Maintenance and integrity

  • The gene involved in the evolution of shape linked to speciation in Drosophila santomea and Drosophila yakuba

Team: Orgogozo (IJM)
Post-doctoral fellow: Alexandre PELUFFO (PhD Who Am I? 2014, 12 months, September 2017-2018)
Who Am I? research axes: 3-Evolution

  • Implication of the Nup133 subunit of nuclear pores in embryonic stem cell division and differentiation: partners and mechanisms

Team: Doye (IJM)
Post-doctoral fellow: Alessandro BERTO (6 months, January 2018-June 2018)
Who Am I? research axes: 1-Maintenance and integrity

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