Institut Cochin (CNRS UMR8104 INSERM U1016 & Paris Descartes)

The Cochin Institute is a Research Center affiliated to INSERM (Unit 1016), CNRS (UMR 8104) and the University Paris Descartes, UPD (UMR-S 1016). The direction team of the Institute includes Pierre-Olivier COURAUD, director, Georges BISMUTH, vice-director and head of the core facilities and Florence FOUCHY, general secretary.

The staff members of the Cochin Institute are about 620, including scientists, University teachers, clinicians, technicians, PhD and Master students and administrative agents. In total, 33 teams are supported by INSERM, CNRS and UPD, whereas 3 additional groups are supported by the Institute; 10 core facilities, including one from the University provides the scientists of the Institute and University with the most efficient technological support.

The Cochin Institute has been organized in 3 scientific departments:
Endocrinology, metabolism and Diabetes
Development, Reproduction and Cancer
Infection, Immunity and Inflammation 

The general objective of these departments is to boost collaborative research in multiple areas, to collectively supervise the activity of the PhD students, to organize symposia in their respective fields of interest. All 4 departments are head by a director and 1 or 2 vice-director(s), who are members of the board of directors of the Cochin Institute; they are assisted by a department committee constituted by the group leaders and delegates elected by the technicians, PhD students and post-doc fellows of the department.

Some of the greatest assets to scientists at the Cochin Institute are its state-of-the-art and efficient research core facilities, committed to provide the capability of analyzing biological materials using advanced technologies. This organization provides all the necessary human skills and highly specialized equipment allowing a broad range of investigations in the various domains of basic and biomedical research, not only to the groups of the Cochin Institute, but also to UPD groups and public or private groups beyond. The following core facilities are presently available: Cellular Imaging: Confocal microscopy and Electron microscopy, Genome and sequencing studies, Homologous recombination, Immuno-biology, Morphology and histology, Proteomics, Small animal imagery.

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