The 2013 meeting of Laboratory of Excellence Who am I?-Exploring Identity, from molecules to individuals- will be held on September 10, 2013, at the auditorium du Pôle des langues et civilisations. The program of this meeting includes presentations of both Who am I? and the collaborative projects financed within the labex.

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The Who am I? funding programs aim at financing new collaborative and interdisciplinary projects within the Who am I? network. The 2014 calls for Collaborative Project and Post-doc Project are now open! These calls are designed to finance the exploration of research ideas implicating new collaboration between partner teams. Innovative and interdisciplinary projects are encouraged.
To be eligible, the proposal must be submitted by at least two teams of Who am I? from two distinct partners. The implicated teams must clearly demonstrate the innovative scientific value for their future collaboration and their relevance and added value to Who am I?.

The deadline to submit the research proposal is the December 19, 2014. The selected projects and associated recruitment will mid-January 2015.

Access to the calls:
2015 Post-doc Call
2015 Collaborative Project Call


Save the date: June 1, 10-11am.


The Who am I? journal club on identity is an initiative of two labex members (Virginie ORGOGOZO-Who am I? team group leader and Olivier PUTOIS-Post-doc Who am I? 2012). It brings together members of the labex (biologists, physicians, physicists, mathematicians, philosophers, psychologists and social scientists) as well as other scientists interested in the following questions:

What are the determinants of identity at the chemical, molecular, cellular and social levels?
How is identity maintained and transmitted?
How do genome and environment contribute to defining the identity of living entities?

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 The first Who am I? workshop - epigenetics and evolution: four different perspectives - will be held on January 22, 2014 from 10.30am to 4pm. 

Talks will be given by Eva JABLONKA (Who am I? invited professor,Tel Aviv University), Francesca MERLIN (IHPST), Vincent COLOT (IBENS Paris) and Michael SKINNER (Washington State University).

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